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The app provides the newest prediction system — "Runes of the Divine Mother" ("The New Runes").


The information about the New Runes was obtained during 2007–2014 years by the greatest Mystic of our time — Almine. The New Runes will help you to get answers to any question asked.

As an example, a daily Rune, which is used as guidance for the day, provides support for inspirational thoughts or grants wisdom of answer to a particular question, which was asked in mind before the Rune was chosen. Any prediction that can be obtained, exists in the circumstances of a particular situation. The momentum gained should activate your inner voice.

Asking Runes.

What this situation means to me?

Why is this situation happened, what are the motives?

What lesson can I learn from this situation?

How this situation will develop?

What to look for in order to bring harmony to life?

Any advice on what to do in order to…?

Guidance of the day (what to look for and what Angel to call upon).

Talk to me, Runes...

Close look at New Runes

Through the ages Runes have been sought through mystical practices and revelations; to bring guidance and to serve as magical power objects.

The Runes in this app not only come as a great gift to fulfill these purposes but to deliver an even greater benefit: enhanced consciousness.

Ask questions, ask for advice, get inspired. Regular interaction with the Runes will open up endless possibilities in understanding what is happening, will activate the hidden abilities of the practitioner. You will realize that Infinity is talking to you.

672 Runes lined up at a certain order, and each of them have a special power. All Runes are divided into 7 Sets — 96 Runes in each. Every set forms an alchemical equation, and jointly they form an enhanced effect.

As a sacred guidance system they show the subtle currents of possibilities and also lay out a pathway of evolution to stimulate fuller capacities in the practitioner.

Inverted Rune

Amongst all Runes there are about 100 that have a different meaning if being taken from the bag upside down. The app equivalent — the Rune image appears inverted and "" symbol is shown before the Rune name.

App Features





Complete description of the 7 groups of the Runes of the Divine Mother.



A full description of the 672 Runes.



Given the names of Angels, Gods associated with each Rune.



Instant access to any Rune through the "SEARCH" option, using any word in the Rune description or the Rune's number. 



Capability of adding Runes to the "Favorites" tab.




Functionality for viewing your Rune browsing history.



For regular practical work with the Runes, use the option "Pick a Rune».

Inside "Draw a Rune"

In comparison with the usual ceremony with Runes, when after taking a Rune on the stone you must find its meaning in the catalog, the application displays this value immediately.


Using the app is as easy, as start and stop — just press the button "Draw a Rune" and stop the shuffle when you feel so. On the screen you will see Rune image, it’s name and meaning. The main concept of application is to get direct answers to your questions. The diversity and depth of the questions depends only on your awareness.

You can choose Rune of the day, get a hint about the relationship with the particular person, clarify the important  situation, or just chat with the Runes.


Regular communication with the Runes opens up endless possibilities in understanding reality and allows you to discover and activate your hidden powers.


With time comes the feeling that infinity speaks to you through the app via the quantum energy.

Enchance the Synergy with Runes

In the "directory" tab it is easy to explore the meaning of all 672 Runes. If you feel that a certain Rune is important to you, put your finger on the screen, as if scanning the image and focus your attention on it while appealing to the name of the Аngel-God with the request to bring its meaning to life. In order to return to this Rune, mark it as favorite.

Almine about New Runes


“The runes must be treated with respect as sacred sigils representing aspects of the inner sanctum of your being, and as the representation of cosmic principles embodied by angel gods. They live through the awareness that they carry and the more you work with them, the more they will be strengthened as a tool of consciousness. They are the messengers of you speaking to yourself from the ancient wisdom of your everlasting being.”


— Almine

About Almine


Almine is endorsed and described as one of the greatest mystics of our time by world leaders and scientists alike. Her work represents the cutting edge of mysticism that place where the physical and the non-physical meet and new realities are born. It is here where change is rapid and insight comes quickly to wash away years of stagnation.


The app is available in English and Russian languages. 


The application language is set automatically depending on the default smartphone system language settings.

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