of consciousness


Metaphorical cards is a tool that allows you to answer the questions, addressed to yourself using intuition, imagination & creative interpretation.


Our control on reality deeply depends on the way we think. And we can easily shift to the positive mental  side.

The Answer Within 

Deeply in our subconscious we know what to do in a given situation, and the solution to our problems lies within ourselves. We just need the right tool to disclose the hidden wisdom.

Ask & Go 

To get the answer — simply formulate it in your mind and press the "Roll" button to start the shuffle. Feel the moment and stop the sards to get your hint.

Find the Solution

In the opened image try to find the answers to the questions: What I feel looking at this card? What associations does it bring? What does that word mean to me? How to combine a card image and a description? How this combination answer my question? The answers received will help you to grasp the situation, and to find the best solution.