Connecting Quants



New technological possibilities 

The modern world gave us the opportunity to get almost any information in just a few clicks, but often we can't find the answer on the most important questions within ourselves. Our apps allow you to overcome this barrier — to look inside yourself and make sure that the answer was always laid on the surface.


The app provides the newest prediction system — "Runes of the Divine Mother" ("The New Runes").


The information about the New Runes was obtained during 2007–2014 years by the greatest Mystic of our time — Almine. The New Runes will help you to get answers to any question asked.

The key to the subconscious

Everyone knows the answer to any question — but the time need to find one can turn to infinity. To deeper understand ourselves, we need to shift the way of asking, and at least with two pivot points to see the whole picture, that happens inside of us.


of consciousness


Metaphorical cards is a tool that allows you to answer the questions, addressed to yourself using intuition, imagination & creative interpretation.


Our control on reality deeply depends on the way we think. And we can easily shift to the positive mental  side.


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